”Even after an hour, I had learned so much that the seminar was worth the money.”

”In three years, we went from winning 15-20% of the tenders to 70% today.”

”Our company had a turnover of 4 million Euros when we won a public procurement contract worth 10 million Euros. That would never had been possible without the help from Magnus Josephson.”

”Now that we have learnt how to work with proactive sales, before the tender procedures, we win a lot more contracts.”

”We have worked with Magnus Josephson since 2005. We had a turnover of about 7 million euros on the public sector when we started working together. During the year 2012 we passed 100 million Euros. This has a lot to do with the advice we´ve got from Magnus Josephson.”

How to create profitable growth in your public sector business

Many of our customers can bear witness to success stories. One of them has increased its turnover by fifteen times – from 7 million euro to more than 100 million euro! Another customer has raised its bid hit rate from 20% to 70 %, and one client won a contract for 10 million euro in the first bid!

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Regardless of what line of business you are in, your company will probably get larger and more profitable deals with the public sector if you consult Magnus Josephson AB.

Our clients often have three things in common:

  • They are one of Top 3 in their field in the market sector.
  • They want their public sector business to grow.
  • They are quality oriented, meaning they want to get paid for their high quality and do not want to compete for the lowest price.

Unfortunately, public tenders are often settled at the lowest price. This is where we come in!

In close co-operation with our customers we try to find the best measures to increase their chances of winning more contracts – and more profitable ones! This means issues like strategy, pre-tender work, lobbying, organization, communication and, of course, writing successful tenders. The services rendered by Magnus Josephson AB are the following:

Consulting concerning pre-tenders sales and tenders

  • Our customers have a proven record of better performance than their competitors.

Training and lectures/work shops

  • A customized information and training day, called “Public Business Day”
  • A one-hour lecture called “Executive Hour”
  • Public business training courses

Moderator/speaker at conferences

  • Aimed at intensifying the customer dialogue.

Magnus Josephson

Magnus Josephson is one of Sweden’s most requested consultants and speakers when it comes to business with the public sector.

As a procurement lawyer and business developer he has been advisor in more than 5000 procurement cases. Over 300 companies and authorities have used his services and he has educated thousands of people in various courses.

With almost 20 years in business his network includes the most prominent people in their respective fields, both in Sweden and Europe.
Altogether, this is a guarantee for good results.

Contact Magnus Josephson, mail: mj (@) magnusjosephson.se